Search for a Notary

Welcome to the Pennsylvania online notary public commission verification service. By using this service you are able to search for commission information on notaries public regulated by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

This site is considered a primary source for verification of notary public credentials provided by the Pennsylvania Department of State.


Once you access the searchable database, enter one or more fields and click "Search." It is not necessary to fill in all the fields to do the search. We will search by the fields you complete.


Please note that when selecting "current" as part of the search criteria, the results will display only notary records that are currently active. By selecting "all" as part of the search criteria, the results will display all notary records (active and inactive/expired commissions).

If you have partial information, or you are not sure of the exact name etc., you may generally enter as much of the information that is known (example - not sure if Alan or Allen, enter Al) to search. Please remember that this will broaden your search results.

Names in Parenthesis: Any notaries public who previously had the last name that you searched (but have since changed that name) will be indicated at the top of all search results.  These notaries' current names will be displayed in parenthesis.  Example: if you searched using only the last name "Smith" and a notary who previously had the last name "Smith" has changed her name to "Jones," the current last name of Jones will show up in the "Smith" search results as (Jones).  The "See History" link will show all previous last names of record.